From the far-flung mountains of southern china

Monk Fruit (or luo han guo) is a small, green melon-like gourd that has been cultivated for centuries. It has a unique sweet taste that is amusing and delicious. Legend has it that the sweet fruit was named after the Buddhist monks who first cultivated it nearly 800 years ago.

Lovely and delectable low-calorie, sweet super-fruit

Because it is 20 times sweeter than other fruit juices (but with no added sugar), monk fruit delivers a wide range of health benefits. This small fruit derives its low-calorie sweetness from naturally occurring antioxidants that have a luscious sweet taste, but without the calories of sugar. It’s no surprise more and more people are choosing monk fruit as a preferred natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners.

From our orchards to your dining table…

Monk fruit has traditionally been grown on steep forested mountains in small family orchards. A hidden gem that is now gaining recognition for its many health benefits, for generations growers have carefully nurtured the monk fruit vines, then hand-picked the ripe fruit each harvest. While many people are only just learning about monk fruit, it has been consumed throughout China and the world as a naturally low-calorie functional beverage and food ingredient for generations.

Monk Fruit Corp. has established a dedicated grower network that exclusively cultivates our monk fruit seedlings, using world-class horticultural methods, while meeting the stringent quality standards of the largest food and beverage companies around the world. The fruit is still hand-picked by our farmers at the peak of ripeness, and then used in our patented all-natural process which captures the delicious and distinctive sweetness of the fruit to make a juice concentrate or a powdered extract.