Natural, low-calorie, clean label sweetness

Monk fruit is a natural alternative to sugar that offers the perfect combination of 'natural', 'better for you' and 'great-tasting'.

Grown for centuries in Southern China, monk fruit offers a great-tasting, 100% natural, low calorie sweetness. Because it is a fruit-sourced ingredient, monk fruit provides the only truly “clean label” option for sugar reduction with unmatched consumer appeal and acceptance. This makes monk fruit the ideal solution for food and beverage companies looking for healthy and natural alternatives to sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Monk fruit juice concentrate is 10-15 times sweeter than sugar and has a clean flavour profile and no lingering bitterness. This makes it an ideal solution to reduce added sugar or replace artificial sweeteners in foods and beverages where a juice ingredient is preferred.

Monk fruit flavour extract is 40-60 times sweeter than sugar and is a powdered natural flavour extract with a clean flavour profile and no bitter aftertaste. Monk fruit flavour extract can be used in place of monk fruit juice concentrate where a powder product is required.

Vertically Integrated Supply Chain

  • With in-house expertise for the entire supply chain from seedling to final processing, Monk Fruit Corp. is the only company in the world that ensures quality across the entire supply chain.
  • Our team of horticulturists manage and oversee the entire raw material supply chain from cultivating the monk fruit seedlings all the way through to harvest.
  • A natural process using hot water infusion and multi-step filtering is combined to concentrate the pure sweetness of monk fruit for both our juice concentrate and powder extract.