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What is Monk Fruit?

Monk fruit has been popular in Asia for centuries as a traditional food that can be used as a healthy way to sweeten foods and beverages with no added sugar.

Where does this fruit come from?

Found amongst the pristine mountains of Southern China, monk fruit is grown in orchards, and has been cultivated for hundreds of years.

Is monk fruit FDA approved?

Yes, monk fruit is approved by the FDA as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe).

Does monk fruit use GMOs or contain artificial chemicals?

No. Monk fruit seedlings and fruit are GMO-free, moreover monk fruit juice and extract do not contain any artificial chemicals.

What’s the difference between monk fruit juice concentrate and monk fruit flavour?

Monk fruit juice concentrate is a natural juice concentrate that is 15-20 times sweeter than sugar. Monk fruit flavour is supplied in a powder form and imparts the natural flavour and sweetness of monk fruit.

How is monk fruit different from sugar?

Monk fruit derives its delicious, natural, low-calorie sweetness from anti-oxidants, without all the calories of sugar.

How is monk fruit used to sweeten food and beverages?

Because of the naturally occurring sweet anti-oxidants, just a small amount of monk fruit is enough to sweeten foods and beverages. For example, 5 tablespoons of sugar in a recipe can be replaced by just half a tablespoon of monk fruit juice concentrate.

In what products can I find monk fruit?

Since 2010, over 2,000 food and products have been launched with monk fruit as an ingredient. Some examples of these products can be seen here.

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